The Institute


Our mission is solidly based in the engaged and highly professional processing of every individual project as well as goal and problem-solving orientated methodology. It is our aim to develop and implement the best possible solution for our clients as well as for the environment.

The foundation for efficient and solution-orientated project processing is a thorough communication with all involved parties throughout the planning process. The necessary professional basis is grounded in the FrInaT team of experts, combining the expertise and professional experience in the fields of biology, landscape management, and geographic informations systems. We are prepared and qualified to tackle a wide spectrum of research and development projects in areas of applied animal ecology. We acquire the necessary data in accordance with the most recent scientific findings and research standards, enabling us to establish a competent foundation for planning, problem solving and decisions.

A major prerequisite for our intense motivation is our personal engagement in environment protection and nature conservation. Particularly the fascination for native fauna and its cultural entwinement bonds the members of the FrInaT team.

Therefore it's only natural that we try to minimize our ecological traces. Where feasible, we prefer public transportation via train for business travels. But as many of our travels are to areas not accessible by public transportation, we compensate these necessary uses of automobiles and flights through our contributions to a climate protection (project atmosfair). Additionally, we've chosen the well-known ecological Energy Provider (EWS Schönau) as our energy provider.