Surveys and Planning

Our core area of expertise is the development of environmental and species protection measurements. We plan our projects utilizing a comprehensive range of experience in accordance with the utmost current developments in research and technology.

We will conduct for you all necessary field surveys required for planning and complement them with extensive data and literature research. For individual cases, we work together with further experts in Germany and Europe. We process the collected data using geographic information systems, allowing us to visually present the results according to client's wishes.

Mist-netting bats, a standard method

Collecting common dormice with Nest-Tubes‚

Using the results and the specific factors on site, we can develop an optimal action plan. Our methods of planning and evaluation integrate current and relevant approved specifications in accordance with the most current professional standards

Contextual planning foci:

- Specific species-protection assessments according to BNatSchG (Environmental Protection laws)

- Natura 2000 Impact Studies

- Management plans for Natura 2000 and other protected areas.

- Monitoring concepts

- Implementation of species protection programs

- Contributions to landscape and urban land-use planning

- Ecological construction supervision

- Eco-account (Ökokonto)